Greg LaSorsa

Gregory-LaSors_head_shot.jpgOne of the most qualified candidates to run for the Town Board in recent memory, Greg La Sorsa has served in multiple leadership roles throughout our community over the past twenty years, always guided by the principle of doing his best for the people of Lewisboro .

Greg’s 7 year tenure as President of the Lewisboro Baseball Association was one of extraordinary accomplishment. Working extensively with the Town Board, the Planning Board, ACARC and the Zoning Board he spearheaded innovations in the areas of competition, player safety and facilities upgrades, including compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act.

In his eight years on the Parks and Rec Advisory Council Greg consistently stood out as the voice of reason and tenacity in working to solve a range of complex issues during a period that saw dramatic improvement in the Town's recreational facilities and services.

As a seven year veteran of the Planning Board, Greg has demonstrated that he is not afraid to voice his opinion and fight for what he believes to be best for the Town of Lewisboro, whether as the lone proponent for a property owner’s rights, or a much needed protector of community interests. On multiple occasions, where his position has originated as a minority point of view, he has been able to use his 35 years of experience as a highly respected trial lawyer to reach a consensus that serves the best interest of the community.

Greg will bring to the board a strong grasp of what voters want to see done and looks forward to the challenges he will face. Whether fighting for road improvements, holding the line on taxes, re-building our tax base, protecting town businesses, reviving our recreational facilities or simply reigning-in the current board from taking symbolic commitments to national progressive ideals, his only agenda will always be to serve the best interests of the Town.

Greg and his wife Diana are 27 year residents of Lewisboro, raising their four children here. They are proud grandparents as well. Greg’s daughter, Cara, runs a custom design invitation studio. Daughter Christina, while recently married, is a 1st grade teacher at a private school in Manhattan. Son Matt is following in his father’s footsteps, serving as an Assistant District Attorney in Manhattan. Their son Joe was recently drafted by the Tampa Bay Rays and is currently pitching for the Hudson Valley Renegades. Greg and Diana are members of St Mary’s parish where he has served as a lector for the past 15 years.


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