Deirdre Casper, Candidate for Lewisboro Receiver of Taxes

Deirdre Casper
, Lewisboro’s Receiver of Taxes and longtime resident of South Salem, is running for her second term as Receiver this November.  Casper had been appointed unanimously by the Town Board to replace the previous Receiver, Joann Vasi, who retired after many years of loyal service leaving the vacancy. The appointment was an easy decision for the bipartisan Board as Casper was experienced and working as Vasi’s Deputy. Casper ran for the Receiver position in 2013 and was elected by the Lewisboro voters in a decisive win.  

Casper’s years of corporate experience prior to working for the Town were put to good use as she has skillfully and effectively automated processes in the department, is responsive to the residents and offered new options:  home and property-owners can now pay their taxes online through the Town website, and can choose to have their bills and receipts e-mailed to them. 

Casper is responsible for collecting the over $ 19 million dollars in taxes used to pay the County and run the Town and all its special districts.  In addition, she will collect more than $58 million for the Katonah-Lewisboro School District. Casper also serves as the Vice Pres. of the Westchester County Receivers Assoc., is a member of the Town’s Advisory Committee for the Disabled, and is a Director with the local Lions Club, a volunteer community- service club in Lewisboro.  She and her husband, Tom, a local attorney, raised their two children here and they’re now in college. 

While Casper is unaffiliated with a party, she was grateful to receive the endorsement of the Lewisboro Republican Town Committee, and was also endorsed by the Conservative, Reform and Independence parties.  As Receiver, she offers help and guidance to all the residents in town and considers it an honor to serve them.

Deirdre Casper with Malcolm Brown during the 2017 Lions Club Food-Drive for the Community Center.


The 2017 Taste of Lewisboro community fundraiser

Deirdre and her daughter, Emily Casper

The Casper family, Tom, Deirdre, Emily, Brian-- and Deirdre’s mom (a big fan of the Your Lewisboro team), Wanda O’Reilly”  on the patio at the Heights in Vista during the Lewisboro Republican 2017 Campaign kick-off party. 


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