A message from Andrea Rendo

Dear Lewisboro Republicans and Committee Supporters,

I would like to take this opportunity to announce that as of January 8, 2020 I officially stepped down as Chair of the Lewisboro Republican Town Committee. This was not an easy decision as I have served as Chair since 2012 and have been on the committee almost since the day my family moved to Lewisboro in 2006. Obligations to my family, my children and my job made me feel it was necessary to take a step back and allow someone new to steer the ship. That said, I am not leaving the committee. It is my intention to remain on as an Executive member, District Leader and co-treasurer and continue to serve our town through my service on the committee. There hasn't been a more important time for us to be involved in local politics.

Our town board continues to lose focus on the issues and recently chose to deal with the unfortunate vacancy of our Town Judge position as if it were a game of musical chairs by voting to appoint newly re-elected Town Board member, John Pappalardo to fill that position. The resulting opening on the board was then treated as a political plum rather than an important position of trust. Additionally, our Town Board voted to increase their own salaries. At the County level the Democrat majority voted a 30% sales tax increase that has been squandered on things including paying for the doubling of their own County legislature salaries. There is also a State level budget crisis.

With all this going on, we are lucky to have Chris Arnold and his family in our Lewisboro community willing to step in and take my place as Chair. A decorated soldier with an accomplished career as a public servant, I cannot think of a better individual to take up the baton in an effort to make the Town Board the best that can be.

Very truly yours,

Andrea Rendo

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